About Abhikriya science classes

Who We Are?

Abhikriya Science Classes is an ed-tech start-up with a mission to provide quality science education.


We are a group of mentors driving online coaching classes for CBSE Science students of Class 11th and 12th providing LIVE one-on-one interactive learning with best-curated teachers. 


We understand conceptual learning is key for excellent performance, with our IITian mentors with more than 5 years of teaching experience, having instructed more than 100 students online during pandemics. 

Abhikriya web-based mentoring empowers LIVE, intelligent learning for the CBSE Science stream in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. We understand that you need the best for your child. Choosing Abhikriya will help your child in long term achievements as we encourage smart learning, standing by our logo of “Work Smart to Stand Apart”

About Abhikriya science classes

Our Motive

As we believe ‘Quality supersedes Quantity’, our main motive is to make online education more interactive and economical without compromising the quality of education. 

Our mentors train as well as challenge and motivate students so they can feel completely drawn in and get the correct learning they need. We aim to change the perspective of people out there towards online education by making it as interactive as offline and teaching the world of science in a fun way by giving personalized attention and one-to-one interaction to each and every child.

Providing satisfactory results is our responsibility, hence we provide LIVE One-on-One doubt solving 24/7 to continuously tackle any problems that may hinder a student’s foundation.

Give us a chance, and we’ll enable your child to showcase their true potential intangible results. child to unleash their true potential, and provide tangible results by acing their exams without any stress.