Active listening is when you listen with all your senses. Did you know that by simply nodding, maintaining a good posture and avoiding distractions like looking at your watch or outside the window, you can drastically improve your performance in class? 

Let’s be honest! We all have missed at least some classes simply because we didn’t want to go. They might seem difficult or boring, or sometimes just be really early in the morning. However, you should try to attend as many classes as possible. It will improve your performance in an effortless way and make you more confident.

The following reasons make Active Learning the best tool-

1. Interactive Stimulation

If you rely on self studying or learning on your own (by reading the book, making notes, watching youtube videos etc. outside of class), you’ll miss out on crucial class discussions. In class, your brain is exposed to re-revision of the same concept several times for example when other fellow students have a doubt or when the teacher asks you basic questions surrounding the material while teaching. This stimulates your brain and helps you understand and remember the concepts better.

2. Interaction with teachers

The material you are studying might be sufficient for cramming, but it doesn’t always have a simplified in-depth explanation that can actually help you understand the concepts. However, the teacher. Never forget that your teachers specialize in the subjects they teach, and they can provide extra insight. 

Also, the more you participate, the more your teachers will know you and be helpful outside of class if you need any help.

3. Increased learning

Generally, you can judge the importance of a topic by noticing how much your teacher stresses on it in class. The most challenging concepts will feel easy to cover when you will start listening actively.