Since the shift to online classes, I think all of us will agree that it’s really easy to get distracted when you have the option of scrolling through Instagram, watching Netflix, or maybe even going out with your friends.

But it’s imperative that we don’t fall prey to a brain block and try to be productive in online classes.

Take Notes

Since everything is on our computer, we think we can just take screenshots and review them later but let’s face it, we are never gonna do that! 

When you make it a habit to note down everything, you will feel accountable to listen.

Interact with the teacher

It is often underestimated how much interaction and active listening can help.

Just a simple nod (if you keep your cameras on) and a “yes ma’am or sir” will help you concentrate better as it keeps your senses engaged.

You can also read our blog Active Listening: The Key to Better Performance to know more about it.

Minimize Distractions

In a classroom, the environment is free of almost any easily accessible distraction. But studying at home, with our rooms filled with any and every distraction from food to our phones, it’s almost impossible to stay on track.

So try to make a fixed place that is free of any distractions to basically mimic an offline classroom as best as possible. 

This will not only help you focus in online classes, but will also be a great productivity booster technique for any priority work.

And the most important part about an online class is its teacher. Sometimes, along with students, teachers too, get distracted and put in less effort to interact. 

But at Abhikriya Science Classes, the learned faculty teaches in a way that is engaging and only has a batch of maximum 25 students, allowing them to give personal attention to each student.