When exams are around the corner, the one thing that can change a 90% to a 99% is good revision. And if you want to ace that, keep reading to know the best tips to approach revision, especially for CBSE Board Exams.

1. Memorize Well

Since the majority of questions in CBSE exams are based on understanding and memorizing the concepts, it is easy yet crucial to ace these questions. For the same, you can prepare the following resources to help you-

Mind Maps: With visual representation, it becomes easier for us to retain knowledge for longer periods of time. Moreover, it simplifies the concepts and enhances our understanding.

Cue Cards: For topics that purely require memorizing, using cue cards that you can refer to and practice from several times a day is key.

2. Practice Previous Year Papers

CBSE tends to repeat most of their questions, and by practising previous year papers, you can easily ace the tough questions. Start at least one month before, and make it a habit to do one question paper a day.

3. Friendship Pays Off

Practising with a friend and testing each other might make the process of revision way more fun and easier. So, get on a call, a video call, or even meet up for some good study sessions!

4. Some other tips:

  • It might help to fix that sleep schedule because early morning revision is proven to be the most helpful, and if you can’t wake up at 6 AM, make it a habit to at least revise the most important topics immediately after waking up.
  • If there is a formula or answer that you keep forgetting, write it on a sticky note and paste it on the wall in front of your bed or sofa so that you can review it as many times as you want.

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