Every student wants to score good marks in their Class 10 Board Exams because it has a direct impact on their career. But it is not easy to do that, and you might often find yourself wasting hours on an inefficient study method which can result in disappointment and inefficiency. 

But don’t worry! Because we have done the work for you, all you need to do is study well and ace your exams with ease!

Just keep reading till the end!

First and foremost,

Do not try to make a timetable that confines every hour of your day. 

Yes! You read that correctly. Unlike what most people propagate, you and I both know that if you make a timetable, you will follow it for a few days and then get off track. And this cycle will keep on repeating and you’ll end up giving your exams in panic and stress. 

We have been made to believe that if we want to maximise our efficiency, we need to prepare a timetable first and promise to follow it. 

But let me tell you, it is never just about hard work, but about smart work. The smarter your preparation, the more opportunities you have to ace the Class 10 board exam. 

The easiest trick that I am going to tell you, will improve your efficiency and eradicate the stress of studying for good.

 “Don’t set goals for each day, but each week.”

Yes, it’s that simple! I am sure you will agree that you can not predict the future. You simply do not know what might come up. Maybe your friend calls you out to play cricket, or maybe they say that they’ll pay for your burger. Now, you aren’t going to say no to that! And that’s okay.

Studying doesn’t have to make you feel confined and restricted. You should simply remember to complete your set goals for the week, at whatever time and whatever day they may be. And this way, you don’t have to feel guilty or stressed about doing stuff that makes you happy.

Now, the most important part of this blog is the following points about how to set these goals-

Rule Number 1:  Your goals should not be in time format.

For example, You shouldn’t set goals like, I have to study science for 7 hours and maths for 5 hours. Rather, you should decide what topic you will cover.

Rule Number 2:  Don’t set the goals for several weeks at once.

You need to set goals for only one week at a time. I’ll explain why- For example, you decided to study 2 chapters of science and to do 50 questions of math. But when you started studying the first chapter, you had to reread some parts and while solving questions, you got several wrong answers. Thus, it took more time than estimated and you were unable to complete your goal. Now, this shouldn’t dishearten you. And you should flexibly shift those goals to next week.

Rule number 3: Don’t shift goals simply because of procrastination

Now, since this blog has been preaching smart work over hard work, I have to clarify that this does not mean that you can be lazy and shift goals simply due to procrastination. Be true to your goals, Be true to yourself.

I hope this helps you approach studies better. And for more such blogs and tips, you can follow us on our Instagram handle @abhikriya.classes.