Wandering is the natural tendency of human mind.

Has it ever happened to you that physically you are in exam hall but mentally you are not, some random song start playing in your mind or you start thinking about how good/bad your previous exam was or something else?

If you said yes, then this article is for you my friend!! Stay tuned till the end to know some tips and tricks to improve your focus.

1. Practice focus at home

Try to create the exam hall situation at your home. Set a time limit for yourself as you have it in exams. Solve the problems by sitting on your study table. Practice this regularly and evaluate your progress.

2. Remove the Distractions

Stay away from your Mobile phone or unnecessary Distractions a day before exam. During the breaks/intervals, go for a short walk or do some activity which relaxes your mind.

3. Try Deep Breathing

Whenever your minds wanders during the exam, close your eyes, exhale and inhale, feel your breath and get back to question with a fresh mind. Read the question again.

4. Prioritize your tasks

Attempt all the questions you are most confident about in the 1st half of exam time, and leave the doubtful questions for the 2nd half. This practice helps you in time management and increased focus.

5. Watch out the process

Keep an eye on running time.  Concentrate on completing the exam on time.

So, these were the few tips you can use to improve focus in the exams. No matter what technique you use, just remember you have prepared well for the exam and now it’s time to give your best.

Keep your mind focused and you will be successful.