With exams just around the corner and no previous year papers to study from, you might be stressed and worried about how to revise and practice at the last minute. So we are here to tell you what you can do instead! 

1. Sample Papers

  1. Yes, you might not have any previous year papers but now, several books have released specific sample papers, including CBSE’s official sample paper as well for all subjects. The OSWAAL book is the one we strongly suggest for the same.

You can buy them from:

2. Time Management

The biggest mistake students make is in studying a subject for 5 days straight and then not even revising it once in the next 5 days. Study a different subject everyday, and practice at least 2 MCQ papers everyday. This will keep you prepared and in touch with all subjects.

3. Mark the details

Since it is an MCQ question paper, you will not be asked to explain things in long answers. But the most important things are small details and of course, concepts. Application based MCQ questions can only be answered correctly if you are clear with the concepts. So, don’t just focus on mugging up facts.

4. Diagrams

Yes, you might be thinking that since it is an MCQ paper, you can ignore the diagrams since you will not be asked to make them. However, they can ask you the labelling of these diagrams in an MCQ form, and even what is happening in a given diagram! So, make sure you understand and remember all the diagrams.

5. Variety of Questions

Revising by reading up the same details and notes over and over gets boring and doesn’t prepare you for the difficult questions. What does help, is practicing as many questions as you can. So, expose yourself to a variety of questions so that you are prepared for everything.

Lastly, we know you have it in you. 

And remember, you have to prove yourself to yourself, not others.

So, do your best! 

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