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Class 10th scores determine whether one would be able to opt for a particular stream or not. Candidates willing to pursue a career in the sciences should focus on Class 10th science papers of CBSE to get admission in the Class 12th PCM or PCB stream. Hence, we made a list of all the must revise topics that students need to prepare. 

Acids, bases and salts: 

This topic contains several facts that need to be memorised to be able to answer the related questions. 

Light – Reflection and Refraction: 

This chapter consists of several diagrams that need to be understood properly, so that you can add them to your answers to fetch extra marks.

All these diagrams should be on your tips, because in addition to being a sole question about a diagram, these enhance your concepts for one markers and assist your long answer type questions to get you full marks.

Control and co-ordination in animals and plants:

This is an easy, yet vast chapter, that can be your ticket to scoring 90+ marks. Making simple flowcharts can help you remember the concepts better.

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current: 

This is one of the chapters that you just cannot skip. Even missing out on a small key detail can lose all your marks. 

Your level of understanding of the following diagrams is a judge of your understanding of the whole chapter. Make sure to be thorough.


This chapter is easy to understand and has a high scoring potential. Simply by going through the book, without even having to put extra effort into memorising the concepts, you can fetch yourself full marks.


Carbon and its compound:

Prepare notes of formulas along with compound names. And, practice the numerical and name reactions thoroughly.

At the end, just practice previous year papers since several questions get repeated in most papers. And for more such tips and tricks, follow us on Instagram @abhikriya.classes

Be calm and even the hardest exam will be easier for you. You are strong, you are well prepared and you will succeed. Don’t doubt yourself. Good luck and best wishes from Abhikriya Science Classes.