Crack the National Science Olympiad with these 3 Tips

National Science Olympiad is a competitive exam held annually by the Science Olympiad Foundation. It tests the students through an advanced set of questions based on their respective class syllabus. 

Students are also awarded based on their International, Zonal and School ranking. Prizes are announced annually including cash awards, medals, gifts, certificates, etc. For the year 2020-21, a sum of Rs 20 crores was incurred towards awards, felicitations, scholarships, etc.

This year the exam date for NSO is 27th and 28th November 2021.

If you appear for the National Science Olympiad, the following tips will help you do better.

  • Get Acquainted with the Latest Exam Pattern

Question Type: Objective (MCQs with one correct answer)

Time duration: 1 hour (for all levels)

Knowing the exam pattern can help you prepare and perform better. And for your ease, we’ve written it down in the simplest way. 

Prepare Accordingly and practice sample papers!

  • Manage your Time

Studying for the olympiad can come off as a burden. So managing your time well becomes a necessity. Make sure to-

  • Highlight important information for future reference
  • Prepare concise notes for revision 
  • Memorize important theorems
  • Refer Enriched Study Material

It helps to be thorough with NCERT books as it builds a strong foundation. However, research has shown that students can prepare faster and better through video content and guidance.

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