Students who are preparing for the Science CBSE boards will highly benefit from the tips stated below. Read till the end to ensure the best preparation tips!

  • NCERT is the holy book of Science Boards. Make sure to go through it properly since all questions are based on it.
  • Sample Papers will turn that 90% into a 100%. Go through at least 5 previous year’s sample papers and practice solving them in the exact environment of Board Exams. Also, jot down the questions you aren’t able to answer accurately on your first attempt in a notebook for revision.
  • Time Management is Key. Don’t waste too much time on one answer. Answer the ones you are confident of first. And then move on to the difficult ones when your paper is completed.
  • Revision is Golden. Don’t just finish studying a chapter and then pick it up the day before the exam. Keep revisiting it and revising the important concepts to make sure you don’t forget it.