It is a common myth in India that after pursuing science in 11th and 12th standard, you will either become an engineer or a doctor. However, that could not be further from the truth. So, we have listed the top 3 career opportunities for science students that often go overlooked. 

1. Software Designing

A software designer works to create software applications that meet the needs of the client or management. If you love computers, math, programming, and problem-solving, this might be a good career choice for you.

If this is what you want to pursue, getting a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree in Computer science software engineering is the best choice that will cover all aspects of software creation. 

2. Spacetech

If the solar system and its new discoveries catch your attention, then spacetech is the right choice for you. And spacetech isn’t just satellites, it involves everything from disaster management to global communications. 

To pursue a career in spacetech, a graduate degree offered by ISRO, a 4 year B.Tech Program or a 3 year B.SC course will be considered a good step towards your goal.

3. Forensic Pathologist

A forensic pathologist works to determine the cause of death, injury and wound of a person. Their job integrates medical examination and investigation.

To pursue a career in this field, it is recommended to hold an MBBS degree, post which they can pursue a Master’s degree in Pathology. Alternatively, a B.Sc in Pathology followed by a Master’s degree is also a good option.

However, this is not an exhaustive list, rather an example of all the opportunities out there. Feel free to explore and pursue whatever catches your interest.